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August 1st, 2012

Seems fitting that on the first day of a new month that I start a new regimen for pain management. My breast milk production has gotten low enough that I don’t need to pump to feel comfortable. The little guy has also gone to spend the day with his Babcia and┬áDziadek (that’s Grandma and Grandpa in Polish which are my husband’s parents). I figured I would take this as the opportunity I needed to get things on the go. So today I have started Lyrica and I also am trying Voltaren Emulgel. The Lyrica might make me sleepy so I thought it would be good to try it with Fin gone. With the Voltaren I can’t touch him for 2-3 hours after I put it on and I have to make sure I wash my hands first. Seems to be helping a wee bit already. I’m hoping if I can get a few applications of it in today I will be able to bring some of the inflammation down in my knuckles and wrist a bit so when I am alone with Fin I can handle it a bit better until Rob gets home and can take care of him for the few hours I need to let the medication soak in.

The handful of pills I just took, what I like to sarcastically call “breakfast” was as follows:
1 x 300mg Extended Release Wellbutrin, 2 x Tylenol 1’s, 1 x Naproxen, 1 x 75mg Lyrica (I will be taking two doses a day), 1 x folic acid, 1 x fish oil, 2 x Vit D.
At last some of it is supplements.
Oh yes, and 1 application if Voltaren on both hands and wrists as well as the dreaded “T-zone”.

What hurts today? Well it would be easier to tell you what doesn’t hurt, but here’s the run down at this point in the day. Wrists, hands and T-zone are the worst. Hips, knees and ankles are a close second. Then the usual all over muscle ache and tenderness. It’s been about three days since my hands got REALLY bad. Monday I could barely use them, the only reason Fin got cared for properly was because Rob was home. Otherwise I would have had to call my Mom. Yesterday was a wee bit better. Running around on transit with the stroller made them super angry again today. Broken glass feeling in the knuckles and wrists. Pain that radiates out in either direction from the joints so the whole hand hurts, pain radiates out from the wrists so that it almost feels like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My right hip/knee/ankle seems considerably worse then the left side. My toes hurt, which is always a weird feeling. And they are cold. Hands are the opposite, they are warm.

I will update later to fill in the rest of the day since it’s still early.


Meds: 1 x Wellbutrin, 1 x Lyrica, 4 x T1’s, 1 x Naproxen, 1 x Voltaren application

Supplements: 1 x fish oil, 1 x folic acid, 2 x Vit D

Pain: 9

Mood: 7.5

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