August 29th, 2012

Woke up around 6:30am, my back was very sore. Fed the little guy, 6:30am seems to be his usual wake up time now, changed him and put him on the bed to sleep beside me. Took a Flexeril before going back to sleep. Woke up again around 10am, back was feeling considerably better but still had the achey flu feeling, legs from the knee down being particularly painful. Took a nap which helped a lot. Took it easy most of the day. Right before writing this post I ran full force into the corner of the bed, bashing my knee. Have ice on it at the moment. Going to be fun tomorrow. My hands haven’t been acutely painful the last couple of days, more this stiff squishy feeling that I think is gross. Hurts more when I close my hands. My wrists have had this weird separating type feeling, quite painful and it feels like the tendons aren’t quite holding my hands to my arm bone. Also gross.


Meds: Flexeril 10mg x 1, Ibuprofen x 4, T1 x 1, Lavodopo/Carbid x 1, Wellbutrin 300mg x 1, Cipralex 20mg x 1

Pain: 7-8

August 27th, 2012

Nausea, headaches, flu like aches, stiff. Fingers and hips particularly bad.

*update – 9:20pm* RLS is really bad tonight, feels like my calves are trying to rip themselves off and walk away. Took the meds for it for the first time since I got pregnant

Meds: Wellbutrin 300mg x 1, Cipralex 20mg x 1, Ibuprofen x 2, T1 x 1, Flexeril x 1, Levodopa/Carbid 100mg/25mg x 2

Pain: 6

August 20th, 2012

Sore and stiff now, went to the PNE and walked around for a couple of hours. Had a tasty burger and some wiggle chips, also the traditional Orange Julius and Mini Doughnuts. The PNE was Robs and mines first date, it’s the main reason we go every year, an anniversary of sorts. Got all sunburnt on the tops of my shoulders. I know better then to go out without a shirt to cover with. This is where wearing a hijab would come in very handy. Think I may do that tomorrow when I go see a friend, then the shoulders/neck will be covered. Fin pretty much slept through all of it. I think we got more cranky then he did. Bought a little needle felting kit, can’t wait to give it a try, I want to make little animals! I just need to find some foam or something for a ‘felting mat’, I don’t want to spend $15 on a chunk of foam, I’m sure I can improvise. Left side was really bad again today. My hips, ankles, feet/toes and knees are the worst right now from all the walking. Rob pushed the little guy around most of the day so that helped keep my shoulder under control. Still getting the eyeball popping headaches. Was contemplating more physio or at least a massage. Jaw hurts as well as the T area. Hands seem extra gimpy, mobility is definitely lessened. Wrists were hurting quite a bit today as well.

Sleepy Ange is sleepy. Away with me.

Meds: Wellbutrin 300mg x 1, T1 x 3, Flexeril 5mg x 2, Cipralex 20mg x 1, Lyrica 75mg x 2

Supplements: Folic Acid x 1, Vit D 1,000iu x 3, NutraSea Fish Oil x 2

Pain: 8

August 19th, 2012

The weather changed suddenly overnight which never ever does good things for me. The heat was a little trying but at least the weather patterns were stable for a few days. I find that fluctuating barometric pressure is the worst, regardless of what the actual weather is doing outside. It could be a beautiful and warm sunny day but if the weather is going to change in the next day or two it hurts like Hell. As far as actual weather goes rain is the worst (which is ironic since I live in a temperate rainforest), cold is a close second, then humidity follows. Right now I have a nerve compression headache, or at least that’s what I call it. It’s that big ball of nerves where my neck and shoulders meet, I can’t remember what they are called. I will have to find some pictures. I think the occipital nerves are involved as well as the ones that run down my arms. If I remember correctly the physiotherapist said it was all the nerves in my upper back that were freaking out. It makes my head feel like it’s in a vice, with shooting pains that go up and over my skull and into my eyes. Exciting huh? Then add the tugging/stabbing feeling under my shoulder blades, neck pain mainly in the left side, shooting pain down my arms and tingly fingers and it get’s even more exciting. Now the tingly fingers could be a Fibro thing…but so could all the nerve pain. WHO KNOWS! It’s a fun guessing game! The joints in my hands and wrists are quite painful, also my ankles. I walked about 3.5km in total yesterday, got my exercise and fresh air in, makes me sore though. Let’s see, what else…nausea, general body ache, jaw pain. I’ll update later, off to Church, as much as I like it the pews hurt like Hell…haha…Hell. 😛

Meds: Wellbutrin 300mg x 1, Lyrica 75mg x 1, T1 x 1, Flexeril x 10mg

Pain: 8

Supplements: Vit D 1,000iu x 3, NutraSea Fish Oil x 2, Folic Acid x 1

Photographic Documentation – August 17th, 2012

Photographic Documentation – August 16th, 2012

Photographic Documentation – August 6th, 2012