Check In – March 3, 2019

I am feeling very unwell today. The barometric pressure has been doing this rollercoaster thing for the majority of the winter. It’s been really rough. Particularly with having to recover from surgery.

The symptoms I’m having right now are the ones that really get to me. I’m used to pain and stiffness and having to gently push through it. These symptoms I can’t really alleviate the I can with pain and stiffness.

The list includes: dizzy, exhaustion, lethargy, light headed, unsteady on my feet, upright is hard. The longer I remain upright, the harder it is to do so. Shakes, swelling, feeling like I’m going to faint. Ugh.


Went to sleep around 11pm. Woke up at 2am with bad hip pain. Also noticed a sore spot/kink on my left side before falling asleep. It is tender and contributing to overall discomfort. Took a Tylenol 3 a wee bit ago. Will be laying down again shortly to try to get more sleep.