Supplements and Medications

*this is a work in progress

BLACK = no longer taking
GREEN = supplements
RED = medications 


Glucosamine, Condroitin & MSM, 500/400/400mg

Kirkland Brand, January 2011

3 x day (1500 mg)

Turmeric & Bromelain

Natural Factors Brand, January 2011

2 x day


Metagenics Brand, January 2011

6 x day

Vitamin D

Life Brand “Natural Source”

2000 IU daily (2 pills)

Folic Acid

Natural Factors, January 2011

1mg daily (1 pill)

Vitamin B Complex

Jamieson Brand, B50 Complex, January 2011

2 daily

Kaprex AI

Megatronics, specifically for my RA, hops based supplement, January 2011

3 daily for the first week, now 2  daily

Calcium & Magnesium Citrate w/D

Natural Factors, *note: these ones are “plus Potassium & Zinc”, January 2011

2 daily

SISU brand Calcium/Magnesium Wafers

2 daily



10 mg tablets, 15 mg daily( 1 and a half pills), started June/July 2010



200 mg tablets, 400 mg daily(2 tablets), started approx January 2010

*technically an anti-malaria medication, for reasons unknown it helps with the stiffness of RA


Super Strength, January 2011

400mg pills, 1 every4 hours

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