Check In – March 3, 2019

I am feeling very unwell today. The barometric pressure has been doing this rollercoaster thing for the majority of the winter. It’s been really rough. Particularly with having to recover from surgery.

The symptoms I’m having right now are the ones that really get to me. I’m used to pain and stiffness and having to gently push through it. These symptoms I can’t really alleviate the I can with pain and stiffness.

The list includes: dizzy, exhaustion, lethargy, light headed, unsteady on my feet, upright is hard. The longer I remain upright, the harder it is to do so. Shakes, swelling, feeling like I’m going to faint. Ugh.

Hair Things – March 2017

This is a documentation post. I need to remember to show these photos to the doctor. Or well not the photos but the corresponding spots on my head. 

The spots that I thought were mild psoriasis may actually eczema on my scalp. I’m hoping to get a picture of the spot on my ankle and my forehead when they flare up again. The red patches don’t show up well at all but there are discoloured bits in the photo at least. The thinning a bit above each temple is getting worse. It’s starting to remind me of male pattern baldness. I’m shedding a lot of hair right now but I assume that is post pregnancy things.

The first few pictures have a bit of the scaling/flakes.

Sports Tape

So money is tight, I need new compression gloves and braces for my thumbs. I don’t have the approximately $200 I need for them so I bought a $6 roll of sports tape to try out. Works pretty good! Particularly for work where I still need some mobility. I’ve been warned the sticky stuff will irritate my skin over time but it works for now. Here’s my hands today. Below that are some pictures from last week.

November 13th 2015

My plans of writing today have been derailed by an onslaught of symptoms. I’ve yet again told myself it’s time to start my “crazy hippie diet” to help aid my current health. I REALLY have to now if I have any hope of continuing to work, care for my home and family, and various other necessary tasks. Rather then restricting myself a bunch I will be phasing things in and out. First is white sugar. We’ve been buying Red Path brand sugar from Walmart due to price and that it’s made from sugar cane. It is still highly processed though, so I’m taking advice from the Indian (mostly Punjabi) folks I used to work with and switching to “Indian style” palm sugar. I’ll be using up the other stuff in baking to move it quickly so the household can do the switch.

As for symptoms, I give you my beloved bullet lists:

  • Heartburn; moderate to severe
  • Lower and middle abdominal cramping; moderate to severe
  • Lower back pain; moderate to severe 
  • Both hip joints; very painful
  • Both shoulder joints; moderately painful
  • Hands, wrists, forearms; moderate pain
  • Overall muscle ache
  • Very painful right foot; big toe plus the joint below it
  • Stomach pain/indegestion; moderate
  • Exhausted 
  • Pain level at 9 even with all available medication

I must sleep now.

August 19th 2015

Long and hot day. Three walks plus second hand store perusing for work supplies with my boss. My hips are the main issue the last few days. Regardless of medication they hurt, that broken glass feeling. Been taking three T3’s per day. Abscessed tooth is responding well to amoxicillin, still can’t chew on that side. The other side is starting to hurt from over use, need to make some soft foods to eat. The heat is still high, along with the humidity, it’s exhausting. BUT…winter is coming. *wink* Some of it is deadfall from the drought but not nearly all of it though.


August 4th 2015

The majority of the medications I have stopped are now clear of my system. We’ve just past the three month half-life mark of Plaquenil. From what I’ve read, the remaining 50% will now leave my body at an exponential rate. My mind is too tired to go looking for the specifics. 

I HURT. I ache. My joints have a hot demonic pulse; Filled with broken glass. Once I get moving, with a brace on each ankle and my left wrist(sometimes the rift too), I feel a smudge better. As soon as I sit down though it’s just a matter of time before the full brunt of the pain returns. I’m taking Tylenol Arthritis, I need to get to the doctor and get my Tylenol 3’s refilled. The acetemetophen dulls the pain but barely touches it. Basically makes it so I don’t cry off and on throughout the day. The opiates takes a bigger bite out of it.

The braces on my ankles I wear for preventative measures mostly. They are just elastic material. Decent quality. My right ankle is still weak from the really bad sprain months back. My left will start to hurt constantly if I don’t wear the brace on that side. I take them off when I get home. If I wear one on my right wrist it’s the same sort of bandage.

My left wrist is another matter altogether. I pulled out “the big guns” about a week ago. It is an immobilizing brace. It has metal plates in it, for Hermes sake! The Cyst of Doom is being REALLY pissy though so I look kind of bionic at the moment. 

I can’t even take this one off at home. I keep it on until bedtime. I also think the cyst has gotten bigger.

My Fibro trigger points are VERY sensitive right now. I feel pretty down about it because my three year old son gets excited and jumps on me or pokes at me and I wince and gasp and yelp and it scares it. 😦 

Fuck you craptastic body.