Winter Bones

I made it nine days this time without Naproxen. Only took it for three days before my ankle calmed down, which was nice.

What wasn’t nice was the sudden plummeting temperatures. So the nine days has ended. It will be a couple more days I think before these pain levels drop.

I think I will take it daily again but take special care around my period in case I need to take the Cambria for the now regular migraine.

My doctor’s office has once again dropped the ball and have not called about the appointment I need with a neurologist.


High pain levels really do a number on my mental health.

One thought on “Winter Bones

  1. Dear Friend,
    I too have the everlasting companion. RA for 10 years this summer. I’m so sorry for all your troubles and for the fact you developed RA so young. I was 56 and am now 66 years old. People expect older people to “slow down”. It must be quite challenging caring for your family. I could so relate with the letter you wrote that describes the many facets of the disease. I’m writing to ask you if your doctor has suggested BIOLOGICS to you. I started with methotrexate which did not work well. So she put me on Humira and now Enbrel. I really believe these drugs have slowed the progression of joint damage thus helped with pain. I just wanted to recommend this option in case you haven’t tried this approach. I appreciate my CBD also.
    Take care, my heart hears you.
    Genie Z

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