Update: Digestive Issues

CW: poop, expletives

Look below the cut.

Fuck you colon. Fuck you very much. Bile malabsorption watery diarrhea. Fucking labour contractions weren’t this painful. It’s been at least a year since this has happened. Well if you don’t count last week. Ugh.

Appetite has been nonexistent, or flares up at weird times, like the middle of the night. If I eat garbage food I’m constipated. If I eat healthy I get the runs. WTF BODY?? FFS! What’s sadder I suppose is this isn’t a new thing. It’s my USUAL things returning.

The culprit today was this delicious 6% milk fat yogurt I ate. Plain yogurt, fresh blueberries, honey. Almost worth my current misery, but not quite. I’m going to try baking it into a quick bread of some sort. I can’t handle eggs straight up anymore either, baked into things is fine though. I’m sure my recent “indulgences” of trail mix have been the cause of most of my other bouts of this.

Note to self: start a food diary, with an actual book to write in.

Also fun today, I almost fainted. Cold sweats, full body shakes, tunnel vision. Particularly troublesome since I was going to be alone with the kids for at least another hour. I quickly stuffed food into my face and drank some water which took care of the imminent fainting feeling. The peanut butter sandwiches may have contributed to my current state. As well as the grilled cheese for dinner. Looks like my days of living fancy free in the food department are over again.

4 thoughts on “Update: Digestive Issues

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in such a state of discomfort, hun! A food journal is definitely a must for you. If you don’t have an empty book to use for this purpose, you can grab one of my four hundred empty journals. I seem to recall you saying you had a stash too though. Love ya.

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