4 February 2016

Fibro pain: 9
Arthritis Pain: 6


Not in a good place mentally today. I’m so sore. And tired. And tired of feeling like this. Fuck you economy for being so shitty that I have to go to work. Fuck you Federal and Provincial governments for refusing my disability claims. A BIG FUCK YOU to the overseas investors who keep buying the apartments/condos/houses/etc at ridiculous fucking prices(this makes prices skyrocket so I can’t afford to move). Fuck pretty much everything today. The only good thing is I get to see my Mom for a few minutes and my little family and I are going to a hockey game tonight. I am not looking forward to the sensory overload, or the cold, or the crowds, or much of anything to do with it outside of spending time with my spouse and son. If I have the spoons I will update later today but so far I fucking hate this day.


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