Funny How Things Change

Sometimes baffled and amused by this, sometimes it makes me ugly cry. 
Less than ten years ago I was working six days a week at St. Paul’s Hospital; Five of those days were spent baking about 500 muffins a day(from scratch), loaves(like lemon and banana) and every other week you’d throw on cookies and crisps and such. That sixth day I was working culinary, cooking the lunch and dinner for the patients.


I struggle to make cookies from pre-fab rolls. Bye mostly assembled gingerbread houses for my son to decorate. I used to make wedding cakes. I don’t think I could pipe a straight line anymore to save my life.

Fuck you, Arthritis 

My hands don’t look much different on the outside, they are sneaky lying bastards.



4 thoughts on “Funny How Things Change

  1. I hear ya. We’re in the same boat there. It’s a shitty boat. Try to find something you can still do and do that thing. Of all the things I’ve done with my hands over the years and all I can do now is colour. But I love that, so it’s okay. And if it takes you til next december to put together a gingerbread house, that’s okay. Shaky hands can still teach, and you have a little person with at least half your talents. Teach, if you can’t do it yourself.

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