November 13th 2015

My plans of writing today have been derailed by an onslaught of symptoms. I’ve yet again told myself it’s time to start my “crazy hippie diet” to help aid my current health. I REALLY have to now if I have any hope of continuing to work, care for my home and family, and various other necessary tasks. Rather then restricting myself a bunch I will be phasing things in and out. First is white sugar. We’ve been buying Red Path brand sugar from Walmart due to price and that it’s made from sugar cane. It is still highly processed though, so I’m taking advice from the Indian (mostly Punjabi) folks I used to work with and switching to “Indian style” palm sugar. I’ll be using up the other stuff in baking to move it quickly so the household can do the switch.

As for symptoms, I give you my beloved bullet lists:

  • Heartburn; moderate to severe
  • Lower and middle abdominal cramping; moderate to severe
  • Lower back pain; moderate to severe 
  • Both hip joints; very painful
  • Both shoulder joints; moderately painful
  • Hands, wrists, forearms; moderate pain
  • Overall muscle ache
  • Very painful right foot; big toe plus the joint below it
  • Stomach pain/indegestion; moderate
  • Exhausted 
  • Pain level at 9 even with all available medication

I must sleep now.


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