I’ve been falling dreadfully behind on taking my supplements. After many months of not taking anything outside of prescribed medication, I had been trying to get back into the habit of it. It’s of particular importance now that I am off ALL medication outside of daily Tylenol 3’s and Cyclobenzaprine.

The List

  • Multivitamin; women’s maternity variety for the extra folic acid and because we are trying for another child.
  • Calcium
  • Fish Oil
  • Probiotic 
  • Antioxidant(it’s not a regular supplement, it came with some of the others)
  • Magnesium
  • Turmeric and Curcumin

The turmeric combo I just bought today, so it may be some time before I notice anything.

November 22nd 2015

Today was a much better day. Pain levels down to the 8-10 range. Still feeling pretty fragile and tire easily, joint and muscle pain flaring easily. Spent as much time as possible resting and taking it easy. A cold front is moving in which I’m sure isn’t helping with my pain levels. 

Pain level: 8-10

Medication: 3 x Tylenol 3, 2 x 500mg Naproxen, 30mg Paroxetine, 1 x Cyclobenzaprine, Marijuana as needed

Mood: tired but good

Update – November 21st 2015

After my hefty morning dose of medicine I curled up on the couch and snuggled with the little man, the Big Man was sitting close by. The bedroom probably would have been better but I’ve barely seen the menfolk after working 12 days straight. After an hour or so I got up and ate something and felt somewhat better, things were down to a dull roar, so about a 10. Took one T3 in the late afternoon, will be taking another plus Naproxen and Cyclobenzaprine to keep on to of things. I know where I slipped up, well outside of agreeing to work that many days consecutively anyways. Timing is everything when it comes to pain, particularly inflammatory pain. It’s like a wildfire. Without containment it will rage through everything. I will be setting up a rotating schedule for my Naproxen so I don’t wait so many days in between courses. Three days on, four to five days off should get me through Winter. A T3 at morning, noon, and night, which I think works out to five hours between doses. Cyclobenzaprine will be taken at bedtime as currently prescribed, as much as possible. I used this drug before I was even pregnant with the little man so I know the instructions for use with Fibromyalgia. If needed I can take one or two more over the day,five or six hours apart. I’d like to avoid that, hence the rotating Naproxen schedule and T3 phone alarm reminders.

Note: I wanted to write more but sleep was more important.

Pain Level 11-12

It’s a rare occasion when I hit this high on the pain scale. I’ve taken all possible medications:

  1. 1.5 Tylenol 3 tablets
  2. 1 500mg Naproxen tablet
  3. 1 Cyclobenzaprine tablet
  4. Smoking marijuana (w/ bong)

It’s all mostly kicked in. I am a slow machine. Time for a nap already.


Once again it is time for a round of “What the fuck do I do?”.

I really do love my job. The time with the dogs is awesome and therapeutic, the walking is good to a certain degree but I WAY overdo it pretty much every day. I worry about joint damage now that I’ve been off my arthritis medication for so long. I can dope myself up to high heaven to get through the day if I need too get through the pain but it doesn’t stop damage. Living in a country with public medical care is fantastic, I’m frustrated though that because I missed my last appointment with my Rheumatologist in August that I have to wait until February to see her again. There’s questions I’d like to ask about pregnancy, let alone how to keep my joints safe while I am off my medication.

Remember the allergic reaction I had the other day? Well I had another reaction the next day while at work. Those two days I was working at the doggie daycare side of the business not just walking. I have a mild dog allergy that I really had never noticed before, I have been around or had dogs in the house my whole life. Apparently when you stuff a bunch of them in a building though and then have me sweep up the hair, THEN it becomes a problem, which makes sense. The hair and dander would probably make anyone react. It’s not even that it’s filthy or anything, it’s VERY clean but enclose everything and yeah. Issues. Good thing is now that I am not taking Lyrica or Plaquenil I can tale allergy medication without going into a drug induced coma. Not sure how that will work when I get pregnant.

I could very easily get a retail type job and make more money with considerably less work. I would lose A LOT of things though. With my current job I can stop and go as I need too. If I am feeling extra gross I can stay in the backyard with the dog or take it to the nearest dog park and they can run about. When the weather is the shits I only have to take them out to pee/poop and then we go inside to play. I can take my son with me to pretty much any walk if I need too. When I worked four hours at the daycare on the weekend he got to come with me and spend the whole time with me and play with the pups. This is not even touching on the fact it is a tiny local business that I work for.


Okay I feel a little better after dumping all this on the page. Thanks for listening folks.

November 14th 2015

Woke up feeling relatively well, for me this means pain levels starting around 6. Took my morning medication in a timely fashion since I had a walk to do today with the child in tow. I skipped my afternoon dose of Tylenol 3 since I didn’t do a lot of walking, not taking into consideration the housework I got up to. Oh and the child alone for 80% of the day. He’s such a part of my life that I forget to put spoons aside. He was well behaved with minimal threenager outbursts at least. By the time I took my second dose it was close to 6pm. FAR too long to wait. While my hips weren’t on fire the rest of my body is achy and sore and exhausted. Why do I keep trying to keep my T3 usage down to two you ask? I am an addict in recovery and I am terrified of opiates. It has been five years since my last major indiscretion. I was clean for three years before I let myself relax and start having a drink under very particular circumstances. I’ve read of people in recovery getting tripped up by pain killers SO OFTEN. So yeah, it makes me nervous. Pain levels spiked at a 9, sitting around a 7.5-8 currently. Once I get the little man to bed I can crawl into bed. I have to work tomorrow, it’s usually my only guaranteed day off but my boss has been working for about two months without a break so I figure I can go hang out with the dogs at the daycare for a half shift so she can stay home with her hubby and little one.

**Allergic Reaction Note**
About an hour ago I became REALLY itchy and broke out with a few hives. The only things different about today was making flat bread with some masa flour for lunch and goulash with some Meat Magic from Watkins added. I’ve had masa flour before but not for about six months and since I ate them around noon I don’t think hives would wait 6 hours. I’m guessing something in the seasoning ticked something off. The itching is generally around joints so it could also be due to an impending flare.


November 13th 2015

My plans of writing today have been derailed by an onslaught of symptoms. I’ve yet again told myself it’s time to start my “crazy hippie diet” to help aid my current health. I REALLY have to now if I have any hope of continuing to work, care for my home and family, and various other necessary tasks. Rather then restricting myself a bunch I will be phasing things in and out. First is white sugar. We’ve been buying Red Path brand sugar from Walmart due to price and that it’s made from sugar cane. It is still highly processed though, so I’m taking advice from the Indian (mostly Punjabi) folks I used to work with and switching to “Indian style” palm sugar. I’ll be using up the other stuff in baking to move it quickly so the household can do the switch.

As for symptoms, I give you my beloved bullet lists:

  • Heartburn; moderate to severe
  • Lower and middle abdominal cramping; moderate to severe
  • Lower back pain; moderate to severe 
  • Both hip joints; very painful
  • Both shoulder joints; moderately painful
  • Hands, wrists, forearms; moderate pain
  • Overall muscle ache
  • Very painful right foot; big toe plus the joint below it
  • Stomach pain/indegestion; moderate
  • Exhausted 
  • Pain level at 9 even with all available medication

I must sleep now.

Settling In

It’s been raining for four hours straight so far, most of it heavy. It started last night as did the throbbing pain in my bones. I’ve taken everything I can. So I currently have take…

  • 500mg naproxen 
  • 2 low dose ACC(acetaminophen,caffeine,codeine)
  • 2 Paxil
  • 1 Cyclobenzaprine 
  • 2 different types of marijuana products

I am exhausted from pain and a busy work week. The hours from work cannot be cut, we need them. Major self care is needed to survive this Fall/Winter. Pain level currently around 9. Can barely keep my eyes open.