October 11th 2015

Pain: currently 10/11, fluctuating between 8-11 most of the day

Meds: Naproxen 500mg x 2, Tylenol Arthritis x 6, Cyclobenzaprine x 1, Paroxetine x 2

Main issues: literally everything 
My pain has pretty been at “barf” all day. Tropical Storm so-and-so is almost done though so there’s that to look forward to. Pulsing, nauseating pain everywhere, particularly bad in the shoulders and upper back and neck(the dreaded ‘t zone’). Also nauseated from angry belly, too much Naproxen. I’m going to have to stop for at least a few days to let things settle. 

It feels like an alien is trying to escape from my lower abdomen. I broke two of my cardinal rules this past week and am paying for it now. There are some foods I can eat that will only stress my gut if I over eat them. Then there are the foods that, regardless of amount or how often I eat it, will give me excruciating (child birth level) gut cramps; Puff pastry and pie crust. I adore it. I’ve been gorging on pecan pie and use patty pan shells for chicken ‘pot pie’ the other night. So good, but it feels like razor blades once it hits my intestines/colon.

The home made pumpkin pie on my counter from my mother-in-law must be eaten slowly. Or I may wind up at the hospital.

Umm. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Fibro pain is also borderline unbearable. 

Must get to the doctor ASAP. T3’s are better then the high doses of Naproxen and Acetemetophen. 

Now I will try to sleep.


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