September 15th 2015-Supplement 

While my pain level is sitting at the 8/9 again my day went well. Caught all my buses on time and such. All the dogs got along. I’ve taken three T3’s, two 500mg Naproxen, anxiety meds, and one cyclobenzaprine today. The third T3 wasn’t what I would call necessary, mind you I am notorious for waiting too long to take meds. I took it so I could hopefully sleep well and get a leg up on my pain. I have my son coming to work with me tomorrow so I have the stroller to push around. Hoping it doesn’t rain until later tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “September 15th 2015-Supplement 

  1. You’re in a level 9 amount of pain FOR YOU, and you take a T3 so you can sleep tonight and therefore function tomorrow when you have a really busy, active day, and you’re not convinced taking it was necessary? I’m just going to point out that a level 6 pain for you, would send the average person to the ER thinking they were dying or something, and you were at a 9, and need to sleep tonight – which hopefully you are successfully doing right now. Cut yourself some slack, Dr Kalen’s orders! *loves*

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