My bones are on fire. The heat and pain from them radiate out into my muscles. The weather is changing. I also pushed myself too hard on my bike this week. It’s just so liberating. It gives me a sense of freedom. Yes it does cause pain but everything does really. It’s better in the long run for my body anyways. Exercise and building muscle tone helps support my joints and keep them moving. There is WAY less impact on my joints since I’m not plodding along on the concrete. Hills are nasty, I get off and walk most of them. 

I saw the doctor regarding the Cyst of Doom; Because it is a recurring issue surgery isn’t something that will help. I have to get X-rays done to make sure the joint is doing okay. Besides that I just brace it and deal with it, which could be years.

My hubby is going to fill my prescriptions today for T3’s and antibiotics for an abscessed tooth. And it’s Friday. Technically I have walks to do on the weekend but the pup lives in the same complex am I and he’s 12 and doesn’t need a crazy fast walk or anything.


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