Friday, May 8th 2015

Today was beautiful but the sudden 21C heat totally wiped me out. Having Fibromyalgia and arthritis is a catch 22. The cold weather is bad for my joints but pretty good for my FM. The warmer weather is the opposite. Recent medication changes are as follows:

  • Lyrica – stopped
  • Cyclobenzaprine – one tablet at bed time
  • Paxil – two tablets at bed time
  • Hydroxychloroquine(Plaquenil) – two tablets at bedtime three days a week, one tablet at bed time the rest of the week
  • Naproxen(Aleve) – 500mg/twice a day
  • Tylenol 1’s (acetemetophen, codeine and caffeine) – one to two tablets daily

Once I run through my Plaquenil I won’t be refilling it. We have REALLY lost our minds and are going to try for a second child. Plaquenil has a two to three month half-life. Everything else is a week or less. That being said my arthritis is flaring quite badly as well as my newly diagnosed TMD(TMJ). I can’t stop working yet though, we need it. There is a lot of stress going on that I will jabber on about in a different post. Today was a lower pain day then I’ve had for a good two weeks. Thankful for small blessings. 

Much love,



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