Butterfly Rash?

This rash isn’t new but it is the worst I’ve seen it. Was working in the sun the last few days so I’m wondering if it’s the UV sensitivity from the Hydroxychloroquine(Plaquenil) or if it’s butterfly rash. I have Undiferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, which if put very simply is Lupus before there are enough recognizable symptoms to officially call it Lupus. Such is the curse of crossover symptoms! You can see how pleased I am about this. The annoying thing is that it was sunny for a couple days, then overcast and today is rain; You’d figure if it was the photosensitivity that the sunny days would have been worse.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Rash?

  1. are you currently in a flare? low-grade headache, fever? joint pain – obviously. I get the malar rash every time I’m in direct sunlight, so it’s a recurrent thing for me. This is going to sound evil, but wait til it passes, and take another day in the sun. Does it repeat? I really hope it’s a sunburn. Lupus is a bitch.

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