April 21st, 2013

Been trying to keep moving as the doctor recommended. Seems to be helping the Fibro, making it easier to pinpoint the joints that bother me and when they do. Hips, the left being worse than the right a lot of the time, the second “knuckle” of my right big toe, both spots radiate outwards. This is when I’m walking. I start to limp pretty fast. Hips hurt pretty equally when sitting or standing for any length of time. Knees will throb also when walking. Sonetimes the ankles. Hands of course, right wrist has been of particular concern, bought an elastic type “brace” for when it acts up. The upper back, into the spine, radiates out across the shoulders and underneath them, neck is stiff and painful. Need some masage I figure to loosen the pressure on the nerves. Been a bit of a rough week.

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