October 13th, 2012

The only time I seem able to do this lately is when I’m in bed. Thank the Gods for the WordPress app. I have some sort of head cold. Started off as a sore throat. The throat isn’t really sore anymore. My sinus is plugged up, headache, balance is off, achey, tired. I thought it was going away yesterday but I feel pretty gross again today. It’s been pouring for two days which isn’t helping my muscle and joint pain. Had the chainsaw in the neck feeling around 3am which kept me up for about three hours, this included feeding time for Fin. He’s been waking up around 2 or 3am the last few days, has a bottle, then goes back down until 7 or 8am.

I’m itchy, so so itchy. I think it is a combination of the pregnancy hormones dissipating so my symptoms are coming back and the weather. The Fall and Winter do some crazy things to my skin. The main itchy spots are the front and sides of my thighs, on my side around the upper buttock area, arms from wrists to shoulder and the part of my chest above my breasts. When I scratch it gets worse and I immediately break out in a red rash, if I don’t cover up and keep scratching I will get little red dots, see the picture I posted yesterday. The rainy season excema type rash is starting on my knuckles. I must remember to moisturize and to cover up to ease this. I guess my call to dress more plainly and conservatively/modestly has advantages that go beyond spirituality.

I still need to write an entry on the visit with the new rheumy. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. The little guy is teething really bad which also eats into my sleep. My attempts at going to bed by 10pm at the latest get thwarted a lot. As do my attempts at naps. The only time I get me time is when he is sleeping so that doesn’t help.

Maternity leave will be over soon. I’ve started organizing my little income streams so hopefully by January I will have at least half of what I am getting now coming in. My first project is writing articles on squidoo. I’m not sure about the cake decorating anymore. I think I will need to expand and make cookies and such to take to the Baker’s Market. My hands are getting really bad and doing cakes is getting really painful. Selling photo’s on iStockPhoto is also in the works.

Short stories to be published online is also in the works. I’ve decided on self publishing. Opening an etsy store to sell crocheted items and some Pagan things is also being organized. I need to get some passive revenue coming in so when I feel like crap I don’t have to work. At home data entry jobs are also in consideration.

Okay, that’s enough for tonight.

Meds: Wellbutrin XL 300mg, Lyrica 150mg, Cipralex 30mg, Plaquenil x 2, Neocitron x 2, Acetemitophen Arthritis 2600mg, Ativan 0.5mg


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