August 21st, 2012

Was in a bad flare today, too much walking at the PNE yesterday. Very stiff and sore, all the usual suspects. Headache, mild nausea, exhaustion. Pain and stiffness eased up a bit after a full dose of Flexeril (10mg) and a nap. Baby was fussy today, mild teething, needed lots of comforting and play time. Apparently he likes Alice in Wonderland, a friend and I were watching a live action version of it this afternoon (not the newest one) and he kept giggling at the TV. Spent the day on the couch, tidied up the kitchen so Rob could fill the dishwasher and make dinner, besides that though I did not feel up to much of anything. Ran out of Lyrica, my Mum gave me enough to last until yesterday and I don’t feel up to trudging out to Surrey to get a prescription, will have to drop by the walk in clinic. I really need to find a doctor closer to home. That’s all for now, I’m turning in early.

Meds: Wellbutrin 300mg x 1, Flexeril x 10mg, Cipralex 20mg x 1, T1 x 1

Supplements: Folic Acid x 1, Vit D 1,000iu x 3, NutraSea Fish Oil x 2

Pain: 9


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