August 10th, 2012

Irritable today. Knuckles, hips, knees, ankles and wrists are particularly painful. Baby would not sleep for more then 10min at a time, needed to be held constantly. Cuddles are great but I didn’t get any sleep because of it. Gave the little guy some Tylenol finally, that seemed to help eventually. Will be implementing ‘child wearing’ tomorrow if he feels the same. Think he’s teething a bit early. Not surprising since he rolled over, belly to back, five weeks before all the books and websites said he would. I know you can’t really rely on what the books say though. Been having some pretty bad insomnia. Not sure exactly what to do about it, I can’t take meds like I used to, going to look into melatonin again. It worries me though, I need to be able to wake up for my little man. My house is a mess and it bother’s me a lot, that whole organized without;organized within thing. Especially with the little guy here now, I want things to be tidy. Mom is coming over early tomorrow, we are going to the Vancouver Orchid Society Sale. Maybe afterwards she can help me clean. Rob does what he can but he works so early and so hard I don’t want to bug him about it. Stayed out of the sun for the last few days, seems to have helped the itchyness and rash a bit. Trying to get an IUD put in to avoid going on the pill, my GP has referred me to a Gyno…who I won’t see for SIX WEEKS. It’s unacceptable if you ask me. Discovered a clinic in Downtown Vancouver that should be able to get it done a lot faster, have to call them on Monday. Going to take some Naproxen and try to sleep.

Meds: 300mg Wellbutrin x 1, Naproxen x 2, T1 x 1.5, 20mg Cipralex x 1, 75mg Lyrica x 2

Supplements: 1,000mg Vit D x 3, Prenatal Vit x 1, Fish Oil x 2, Folic Acid x 1

Pain: 8

Mood: 5


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