August 7th, 2012

I should be sleeping, both my hubby and my baby are sleeping. I seem to have troubles sleeping at night again which is problematic since baby is awake most of the day so I can’t really sleep then. We have all the lights off, Olympics on the TV, watching the thunderstorm. It’s beautiful. We are sleeping on the couch since the canoeing and kayaking events start at 1:30am. I will more then likely sleep through them. Hopefully anyway’s. The Lyrica is working well, definitely less muscle pain. Joints still hurt like a bitch but dealing with one chronic pain as opposed to two can feel like heaven sometimes. I’ve been using the Voltaren on my shoulders/upper back/neck, hips and ankles. I can’t use it on my hands since it will be absorbed into the baby’s skin if I do. I’m itchy as hell. Little round dots are popping up on the itchy spots. It’s weird. And a red rash on the itchy spots. Itchy scalp too. It sounds melodramatic to say all my joints hurt but they do. The most aggravating is the hips, knees and toes. I’m used to the upper body pain. The lower body pain I haven’t had this bad in awhile. Not much in the way of an appetite. Random nausea. Falling asleep sitting up during the day mixed in with random bouts of mania where I’ll clean for an hour. My breasts are finally hurting less and seem to have stopped leaking, unless he cries really hard then I get a bit. Time to take some Naproxen, a T1, slap on some Voltaren and try to get some rest.

P.S. The main itchy spot is the junction where neck, shoulders, and back meet, the centre of the “T” zone. When I scratch though it feels numb and then the itching gets worse. It’s weird.


Meds:  75mg Lyrica x 2, T1 x 2, Naproxen x 1, 300mg Wellbutrin x 1, 20mg Cipralex x 1

Supplements: 1,000mg Vit D x 3, 1 x Prenatal Vit(using them up), Folic Acid x 1, NutraSea Fish Oil x 3

Pain: 7

Mood: 6



2 thoughts on “August 7th, 2012

  1. Joint pain isn’t melodramatic, it’s just painful. Yuck. And yuck to the rest too. As for the blisters/bumps/rash – have you been out in the sun? Hard light? Even a little?

    • Thanks! It’s always good to be reminded that I’m not blowing things out of proportion.
      I honestly can’t remember if I went in the sun yesterday, my memory is worse then usual at the moment, the days are blurring together. I think I may have gone out on the patio yesterday. On Sunday I spent a decent amount of time in the sun, mon and tues had sone sun exposure as well.

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