July 14th, 2012

Spent the day at a friends place, it’s nice to spend time with other folks who have kids. Also nice to talk with a fellow Fibro friend, I know she really understands. Very tired now and sore. This humidity is killing me. Hands are the worst as usual. Wearing my theraputic gloves to bed in the hopes it will make them a bit more functional.

I’ve finally got the whole breastfeeding thing down. I pump off the more painful breast and nurse him with the other. I’m going to try a few things before going back on my high level meds. We go see the GP on Friday for Fin’s two month shots so I’m going to see if I can get some T3’s and possibly some Indocid. I had the Indocid in the hospital and for a few weeks afterwards and it worked better then the Naproxen. I’m not ready to give up on breastfeeding yet. I want to at least make it to his three month birthday. Samhain preferably.

T zone hurts a lot, as do the rest of my joints. I think the rain is coming.

Time for me to sleep.

Meds: 4 T1’s, 2 Naproxen, 300mg Wellbutrin, 20mg Cipralex

Supplements: 2 fish oil, 2 Vit D, 1 folic acid, 1 maternity vit (almost done the bottle, then onto regular multi-vit)

Pain: 7-8

Mood: 7

Photo Documentation – July 12th, 2012

Photos taken on July 12th, 2012, shortly after I woke up. These are not just Fibromyalgia hands, there has to be some sort of arthritis.

July 12th, 2012

It’s quite a lovely morning. Went out to get the mail a little while ago. My little man’s pictures arrived and they are amazing. This brightens my day.

I didn’t sleep well, this heat is killing me. I seem to be uncomfortable and in pain regardless of the weather now. It’s hot and humid which makes it almost impossible for me to sleep. I fell asleep holding Fintan and wound up with my neck at a right angle so now it hurts a lot. Couple that with the fact he’s getting heavier the T area is returning to it’s painful self. The deep throbbing pain, burning and tense feeling is back and strong today. Shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists also have that deep flu like ache. My hands are very painful and claw like. The joints are having stabbing pains that shoot down into my hands and wrists. It’s not an enjoyable feeling. Hips, knees and ankles are moderately painful. Today will be a resting day for sure. Hopefully will be able to get to some crochet and some scrapbooking. At the very least I should be able to read. Will update later.

Pain: 9.5
Meds: 1 x T1
Mood: 6

July 8th, 2012

Why hello dear readers! I am alive and relatively well. Feels good to be back writing again.

My little man is finally here, he was born three weeks early, weighing 6lbs 15oz, after 40 hours of labour and an emergency c-section. It’s a long and rather complicated story which I will get into at a later date. I can’t stay awake long enough right now to finish that story. He is the most amazing little guy though and I am so happy he is finally here.

I’m exhausted. I fall asleep sitting up all the time. Obviously a lot of that has to do with taking care of a six week old baby but not all of it . Holding, carrying, changing and so on are becoming increasingly more difficult the heavier he gets. The pain in my shoulders/neck/upper back is beginning to flare pretty badly. My fingers swell to twice their size. My hips, while feeling looser, get very painful after walking around for a bit, as well as my feet.

I will write more later. I just fell asleep sitting up, hehe!


2 x Tylenol 1’s