March 10th, 2012


This is why my house gets so messy. Cleaned yesterday. Not a crazy cleaning binge or anything but made it somewhat presentable. Made apple crisp then my back crapped out on me. Woke up this morning with claws for hands. As the day has gone along pain levels are ramping up. Everything from the shoulder blades up. If I do too much with my hands for any length of time it feels like someone is ripping out the tendons in my wrists. Can’t lift my arms above my head. Feeling nauseated. Overall it’s really rough going today. Was going to participate in a Garage Sale today to get some advertising done, promote the cake smash with Gemini Visuals, and sell some goodies. It’s not happening. I can barely move for any length of time. I am not pleased.


Meds/Pain Management: 1 ES Tylenol, neck stretches, taking it easy, 1 Wellbutrin

Supplements: 1 Vit D, 1 Folic Acid

Pain Level: 8.5 – 9

Mood: 6

March 2nd, 2012

Been really sore the last few days. The cold and wet weather isn’t making things enjoyable. Hands are red and swollen when I wake up. The “T-Zone” pain is returning to it’s usual levels. Physio told me to come back if it got bad again. I suppose I should give them a call. It just seems wasteful to spend $50 for 20min or so of light traction on my neck. Wrists are tender and sore, pain up to the middle of my forearms. Ankles are sore. A few days ago after sitting on the couch for a bit I got up and it felt like I had sprained my right ankle. Been coming and going ever since. Hips get sore unless I sit with my legs up so this recliner in my couch is coming in handy. Third trimester sleepys are kicking in. Baby kicks up a storm a good portion of the time. My belly jiggles now when it kicks. The hubby finally felt it the other day. He was super happy. Crochet work on the little teddy bear I am making for my niece is being put off until warmer weather returns, fingers can’t handle all the ┬ásmall stitches. So I’ve started a blanket for baby with this pretty white and grey yarn. It’s a zig-zag stitch, which is new for me but it’s fun.

Was mildly productive. Checked my EI status, ROE still not there. Took to maintenance fee to the office. Finally found the mail key after looking for half the day so I got into the mail. My yarn order is not here yet. Spent most of the day being a vegetable. Head has been pounding all day along with the T-zone. Time for bed.

Meds/Pain Management: 2 Wellbutrin, 2 ES Tylenol, 15mg Cipralex, neck stretches

Supplements: 1 Vit D, 1 Folic Acid, 1 Prenatal Vit

Pain: 8

Mood: 7