February 23rd, 2012

I apologize for the overly long delay. I’ve been tired and sore and quite busy again.

Major Medical Updates:

~Went to see an allergist to confirm my latex sensitivity. Still just contact dermatitis, no actual latex allergy. Still have the severe dust allergy.
~Saw a psychologist to asses my mental condition/illness. The preliminary diagnosis, which she’s pretty much certain on but doesn’t want to say for sure until she’s seen me one more time, is Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. My Depression is situational, or “secondary” as they like to say in Chronic Pain articles. It springs from circumstances rather than any underlying chemical imbalance. Says that everything seems well controlled, which I agree, and that her main recommendation is good self care. I will see her again in May. The extra fun part is she works with my counselor at St. Paul’s Hospital. I haven’t been able to see my counselor for months because I stopped working, just can’t afford it. The psychologist is going to transfer my files to St. Paul’s so I can see my counselor for free until the baby is a year old. There are also a lot of free resources I can get at the Hospital which is also good.

~Baby seems fine. Moving around like a crazy person. I go for my diabetes test in two weeks. Only thing that is out of the ordinary so far is that I “measured large” for how far along I am. In four weeks when I go back he will check again and if I am still big they will send me for an ultrasound. It could just be a big baby, which is my theory. There is also the possibility of extra fluid in the womb which can just happen sometimes or can be caused by GD. Having a giant baby can also be caused by GD. Like I said, I don’t think I have either, I think it’s just big. Both my family and my husbands family make big babies.

~Now for the ranty bit. My baby doctor got my files from my Rheumatologist accompanied by a note. The files state I definitely have Fibromyalgia and not Rheumatoid Arthritis. Which is good, even though I don’t quite trust it because the Rheumy is an asshat. He told my Mom she needed to lose weight, that’s why her back was hurting so much. She demanded an MRI and he refused, so she had our GP send her to a back specialist who sent her for one. Turns out she has spinal stinosis and just went for surgery a few months ago. If he is definitely right and I don’t have RA that’s great, I don’t actually want it obviously. Doesn’t explain why my GP still mentions my RA when I am there and when he wrote me off for my sick leave he wrote a flare in FM AND RA as the reason. The note mentions that the Rheumy was “under the impression” that I was already taking Plaquenil. Which I totally wasn’t. When I saw him last a year ago he told me to get more exercise, that there was nothing he could do for me and to not come back. So now I feel like my Baby Doctor thinks I’m a crazy person. I’m SO SICK AND TIRED of just being brushed off. I just want some straight answers. Is that too much to ask? As far as the Plaquenil goes, turns out that I WAS taking it…almost two years ago…which wasn’t helping, so the Rheumy TOLD me to stop taking it. Now the fact that it didn’t help lends more weight to the “only” FM diagnosis. But how can he not remember what he prescribed me and what he told me to stop taking?? And this doesn’t explain why Celebrex works to a certain degree. If it’s NOT an inflammatory condition how does a major anti-inflammatory help? Unless FM IS a inflammatory condition…I can’t remember right now. Anyways, I’m stuck with my current pain levels. Since the RA diagnosis was “negative” the Baby Doctor did not offer prednisone like he said he might. Which on one hand is good since I don’t want to take steroids when pregnant. But I was really hoping I could get some relief. I’m not going to remove myself from the arthritis groups I am part of, regardless of diagnosis I know people with the disease so I can still show my support. I will stop tagging with “arthritis” and “rheumatoid arthritis” for now though.


As far as the last week or so has gone, I’ve been pretty up and down, following the weather as usual. Last two days weren’t too bad because of the sun. The three or four days before that were really bad because it was rainy and cold. Had to bring out the cane again. I’m going to do my best to report every day again, even if it is just pain levels and location. My “nesting instinct” is pretty hard core right now. On days where I feel decent I’ve been cleaning like crazy. My hips and lower back have been pretty stiff and sore but I figure that has a lot to do with the baby. I’m developing a pretty nasty head ache right now. We will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully I will be feeling less cranky.

Pain: 6.5-7

Pain Management/Meds: stretching, short walk/1 Wellbutrin

Supplements: 1 Vit D, 1 Folic Acid

Mood: 5-7


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