February 7th, 2012

Busy day. Could barely get out of bed but did eventually, had to go out with my MIL to find fabric for the window dressing she’s making for the babys room. Found this cute pattern with owls on it in different colours. Then we went for lunch and I stopped at the mall to pick up oranges among a few other things. Walked home. It was gorgeous, just wearing my chords and a t-shirt, didn’t need my sweater. Was completely beat by the time I got home. Rested for a bit. My head was pounding at this point, light and sound sensitivity, nausea. For the first time in almost six months I’m actually stiff. Mid-back particularly painful. Managed to get some dinner together which helped quite a bit with the headache. Then threw some laundry in the wash. I’m sitting on the couch,writing this entry on my phone now, lights low, waiting for one load to come out of the dryer so I can toss the other load in and then I’m crashing. I have physio tomorow but besides that I don’t plan on doing anything. Maybe some document shredding. I can do that from the couch.

Pain Management/Meds: 1 ES Tylenol(I don’t think I’ll sleep without it), 2 Wellbutrin, 15mg Cipralex, stretching, walking

Supplements: 1 folic acid, 1 vit d, 1 prenatal vit, (Omega 3’s are giving me crazy heartburn so I’ve stopped for now)

Pain: 6-9 (weird, I know)

Mood: 7


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