January 31st, 2012

Well, that was a lengthy delay in posting. Wasn’t so much that I was feeling rotten…although I was…it has more to do with energy levels. I’ve been eating better, more fruits and veggies, and drinking more water, sleeping more, not helping much though. The bipolar weather has been wreaking havoc. Let’s see if I can remember all the details.

First two appointments were helpful. The traction seemed to loosen my neck up, balanced the strength in my arms. The day of would hurt but the next 4 or 5 days would be great comparatively. Still sore but none of that burning nasty pain that makes me want to rip out my spine. Not so much this time. Had an appointment last Wednesday which as usual had me sore the day of but I was chipper. Was told not to come back for three weeks since things seemed to be rolling along as well as could be expected. The next day I felt like I was hit by a truck. Limited burning pain which I am thankful for but the pain levels were pretty high. Headaches, pain in my shoulders and shoulder blades, hands very sore. So I don’t know what the hell is going on.

New Baby Doctor:
I was pleasantly surprised by the OB clinic. While I was not pleased by the fact we were there for 2 hours, almost 45 minutes late getting into the appointment. Was understandable when we found out the doctor was across the street at the hospital delivering a baby! They were very thorough, much more so then the midwives. Rob is very pleased. He doesn’t have issues with midwives, he liked the ones we saw for the last pregnancy, he just wasn’t too pleased about these ones. First we saw the nurse, peed in a cup, had my weight taken (155lbs), and blood pressure. All good. My blood pressure is perfect apparently and has been all the way through. Had extensive  conversation about previous pregnancy, medications I was taking and am now taking, depression and anxiety and so on. Once we got in to see the doctor he asked extensive questions about my conditions. Made sure I was getting proper care for my depression and anxiety, if the midwives hadn’t already referred me to a head doctor he would have. Sending me to an allergist (Feb. 10th) to recheck my latex sensitivity. Requested my records from the Rheumatologist so he can go over them. I explained how the docs sort of waffle as to what it is I have, the FM, the RA or both. Explained how my first RF test was a “high normal” which he said could have been a false positive, but then I told him how at one point my RF was at 14, which is a definite positive, he said, “Well you’re just an odd one then aren’t you?”, which made me giggle. I love doctors with a sense of humour. He has had one patient with RA and they kept things under control for her with small doses of prednisone. We need to be careful about my flare, we can’t let the joint pain and inflammation get too bad. So while I am concerned I will have another doctor tell me I am crazy, I am hopeful he won’t. He seems really down to earth and seems to like to get to the bottom of things. He asked when I had seem my Rheumatologist last and I  told him almost a year ago which got a slightly confused look from him, then I told him how he had told me not to come back, which he wasn’t impressed with. So that also gives me hope. While I don’t WANT to have RA or FM, I was hoping that during pregnancy that it would be extensively looked into, which is what seems to be happening. So I’m crossing my fingers. I’ve also decided to take Rob to all medical appointments with me from now on if possible. Not only did he back me up on how I’ve been feeling, he could ask questions that he had. Speaking of which, he’s been hounding me about how much I am eating and what I am eating and that I’m not gaining enough weight. So we asked the doctor, he said 7 pounds at this point is fine and that he doesn’t want me eating LOTS of food because we don’t want a giant baby, I just have to make sure what I am eating is well balanced and nutrient rich.

Today I woke up at 5am, which was nice. Had my usual wake up at 3am, but managed to get back to sleep pretty quick. Was feeling half decent until about half an hour ago. I woke up with a very painful jaw and sore teeth on the left side which is an indicator of how much I am grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw in my sleep. Which is unfortunately an indicator of stress. My neck is sore and stiff. Well maybe stiff isn’t the word, it just hurts to turn from side to side.  Shoulders and shoulder blades are very painful, feels like rocks are under my shoulder blades again. Arms, wrists and hands are exhausted from the small amount of typing I have been doing and my wrists and joints in my hands and fingers are beginning to hurt a lot. After two ES Tylenol my jaw feels a lot better but my headache isn’t any better. Having the pain above my eyeballs which is apparently something to do with the nerve compression. The more frequent popping and grinding in my neck is concerning me quite a bit. The OB said if my “nerve compression” isn’t getting any better he will send me for an MRI. I’m thinking I will ask him about that in three weeks when I go back. I think it’s time for a bit of  a nap or some vegetating at least. Will update later.

After my nap I did actually have a productive day. Did some light housework. Had a visit with a good friend and her little munchkin. She brought me food too which was beyond awesome. Beef burrito from Taco Del Mar. It’s huge. I only ate half, the rest will be lunch tomorrow. It really is bizarre the things I can eat right now. So many things I haven’t enjoyed in so long. I’m taking full advantage. Then I puttered around online. Baked carrot orange walnut muffins which are incredible. Also made banana bread, also very tasty. Tried to crochet, after ripping the whole thing out three times I gave up on that for the evening. Headache never really went away, the jaw pain was off and on. As was the shoulder and back pain. Found myself getting really tired really fast. I took lots of little breaks. When I had my nap earlier today the spot under my left breast on the rib cage actually woke me up twice. Felt like it was on fire. So I slathered it in A535 and the last of my lidocaine cream and that worked quite nicely. I’m really tired and worn out but pleased. It was a good day.


Pain Management/Meds: 4 ES Tylenol, turned down the lights and volume on tv, heating pad, 2 Wellbutrin, 15mg Cipralex

Supplements: 1 folic acid, 1 vit d, 1 prenatal vit

Pain: 8-9

Mood: 7-8


One thought on “January 31st, 2012

  1. I’m so glad you’re getting treated well. I got the “oddball” comment from the rheumy, (about the disease/disorder, not about me – although there are days….). It’s important to be taken seriously!

    Don;t stress on how much you’re eating – a giant baby has to come out somehow, remember! – but eating well is important 🙂

    *asks permission, rubs Ange’s tummy*

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