January 13th, 2012

Woke up at 5am this morning which was a nice change from the usual 3am. Was feeling rather productive today. Cleaned the kitchen, took out a bunch of recycling, dropped some cheques off at the Strata Office. Discovered along the way that I have to start moving a lot slower because of the fact the baby is stealing all my oxygen and squishing my lungs, besides the fact it makes my back protest. Had a sit after that, hands were really sore. I had planned to clean the bathroom but since the hands were angry I sat on the couch and sorted a bunch of paperwork, filing what needed to be and putting the rest in the shredding pile. This finished my back off for the day, the usual “t” as well as more of my middle back. Took some ES Tylenol and lay down, falling asleep on the couch. Woke up, made dinner, cleaned up. The pain on my left mid-back/ribs kicked in pretty bad. Eased up a bit after I sat up for awhile. Have to watch how long I lay on that left side. Now I’m gonna crash for the evening. I’m hoping tomorrow I can get into some crochet. Oh! And the first two editions of the revamped and re-released Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon showed up. SO pretty. I have to wait until March to get anymore.

Pain Management/Meds: 2 ES Tylenol, 2 Wellbutrin, Exercises(still can’t quite remember to do them every two hours

Supplements: 1 Prenatal VIt, 1 Vit D

Pain: 7-8



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