January 12th, 2012

Woke up at 3:30am. I was impressed that I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Normally I thrash around like a crazy person. Guess that towel in the pillow is doing it’s job. I guess the tylenol had worn off or something though. It was the neck/spine that woke me up. I switched sides and tried to go back to sleep for half an hour. No dice. Took some ES Tylenol and crawled back into bed. Lay there for just over an hour not getting much relief. It just started to hurt on the other side. I finally got up after snuggling a sleeping Rob for a bit. Washed his coffee cup and set it up for him to make his morning cup. Fed the cats. Slathered on some lidocaine cream. I can’t use it all the time, kinda like the T1’s but it works nice. The smell of the tiger balm is bothering me, which is funny cuz I usually love that stuff. A535 is even worse. Heated up the corn heating bag and now have it wrapped around the sore spot.

I would rather be sleeping right now but apparently that’s not in the cards. Although I have the strange and simultaneous urge to crochet and clean. Once this bag cools off I’ll try to have another nap. Will update later as usual.


Around 6am I finally got back to sleep. Watching my posture and doing my exercises keeping things down to a dull roar. Went over to a good friends place to have lunch and have mommy time. I got to hang out with just her and her baby. Holding the baby only for small increments as it made my neck start to burn. My friend is very accommodating so we just passed her back and forth. Talked about pregnancy and babies and marriage. Got home and meant to take a nap. Didn’t actually happen. I puttered around online then watched some tv. Made some dinner, Rob was working late. Then felt the need to dry some apples and start a new blog. Yes I am a junky. Extra sleepy now will call it a night pretty quick here.

Pain Management/Meds: 1 ES Tylenol, lidocaine (1), heating bag (2), 2 wellbutrin, 15mg cipralex

Supplements: 2 Omega3, 1 folic acid, 1 vit d, 1 prenatal vit

Pain: 8

Mood: 8


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