January 11th, 2012

Missed a day! I was really busy yesterday, did lots of running around. Wasn’t too terribly sore. At least not as sore as I had been the last two days. I was out ALL day so I was really tired.

Today was painful. First physio appointment. Because I am pregnant I can’t do any of the electric based treatments. I am limited to posture correction, exercises and manual treatments. Had the usual poking and prodding. She didn’t say what had caused it, this pain in my upper back and shoulders but explained what was going on. The nerves in my neck and spine are being compressed, my arthritis may be contributing to this, building deposits up around nerves. The entire nerve system of my neck, which actually starts just under the shoulder blades and up is involved. I didn’t even know it did that. It’s a pretty text book case of long term nerve compression as far as she can tell. The only oddities being that I get no relief from raising my arms, which should lessen the pressure on those nerves, my left arm is weaker then my right and when I sit up straight my right shoulder is higher than the left but when I stand up straight it evens out. Even my uneducated brain thinks that’s weird. There is a pronounced and unnatural curve to my neck which is causing most of the compression. So what we need to do is first centralize the pain from my entire upper body to the just the junction between shoulders and neck. Once that is done we work on getting at the source of the compression which is that spot.

It is going to get worse before it gets better though.  The way nerve pain works is like this PAIN-BURNING-TINGLING-NUMBNESS(Or something like that, I can’t quite remember). My pain sits in the burning/tingling/numbness area. This means we have  to work our way back though the scale. Think about when your leg falls asleep. The progression of symptoms from being asleep to normal. That’s basically what I get to do. And because it’s hurt for so long it is going to take a long time to get it back to any sense of normal. All we did today was light manual traction on my neck. It hurt…a lot. And it felt weird getting full sensation back into my left hand when I had not even realized it was gone in the first place. She was impressed by how quickly it seemed to return, but I told her just wait it probably won’t last for long. Which she figured would happen too.

I had to buy a new pillow, extra firm, and fold a towel and place it inside the pillow case at the bottom to support my neck. Whenever I sit I need to have a rolled up towel supporting the curve in my lower back. I have to be conscious of how my body is positioned. Think yoga, I need to make sure my spine is straight and in it’s natural position, stacking the skull and neck above the shoulders, rather then the lean it has over the shoulders right now. Every two hours I have to sit with proper posture and gently nod my head forward. This also hurts, but it does bring some relief for a bit. It always builds back up over the two hours, but at least I have a way to dial it back ever so slightly. I also need to use the heating bag regularly, this will not only ease the pain but bring blood to the area and help it to heal. I go back next week.

Had my name changed on my SIN card yesterday…only four years after I was married, hehe. Spent TWO HOURS today setting up my sickness, maternity and parental benefits. I need to stop by a Service Canada office this week to drop off my note and one of my records of employment.

In the last week or two I have been getting pain in my midback on my left side, it curls around the front along my ribs right to my sternum. Antacids don’t touch it. Tylenol helps a bit. I mentioned it to the physiotherapist saying I figured it was a pregnancy thing. She said it might be but it is more than likely something to do with the RA. I wish I could just get into the new Rheumatologist!

That’s all I can remember right now. My spine is on fire and I want snuggles.

Pain Management/Meds: 2 wellbutrin, 15mg cipralex, 2 ES Tylenol, heating bag, exercises, back support

Supplements: 2 Omega3, 1 Vit D, 1 Prenatal Vitamin, 1 folic acid

Pain: 9-10

Mood: 7


2 thoughts on “January 11th, 2012

  1. Yeah things aren’t very happy, but at least something is being done besides throwing drugs at me. And she believes me, which is a refreshing change.

    I figured the midback thing was the baby.

    *gentle squishes*

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