September 28th, 2011

Ooo! Three posts in a row! Yay for me!
Woke up at 3:30am again. Forgot to mention that when I wake up I always need to the bathroom and eat a small carb ridden snack if I can find one. I don’t know how healthy this is but if it gets me to sleep I’m not complaining. The melatonin I’ve been taking does help me get to sleep, but it’s not helping me sleep straight through. Seriously considering axeing the cyclobemzaprine before bed so I can start taking sleeping pills. Took the tremor drug a good half hour before bed, only minor twitches. So that was a success. Hands are stiff and painful, there’s a headache settling in above my eyes and my eyes hurt. Getting some stabbing pains in the right knee that radiates out in this dull ache up to my hip. Going to try to catch some sleep if I can before I have to get up for work.


So I wrote the first half at like 3am. Now I’m writing the second half at 8:45pm. Weird brain schedule. Definitely coming down with some sort of plague. So is Rob. Or maybe we’re both just terribly burnt out. We have 3 days at the cabin at the end of the month. CAN’T WAIT!! Work was downright awful. came very close to taking three adivan today. Won’t get into details but the basic gist is that I never know where I stand, every day the rules seem to change, and I just simply cannot handle the stress it seems. I thought that a 9-5 job would be easier for me to handle. No such luck. I’m not sure how to bring this up with the hubby. Cuz I’m not gonna make it the year it’s gonna take to get CPP rolling. And that’s even assuming that they will even give it to me. When I got home and sat down on the couch I promptly fell asleep. Woke up at 7pm. Then made Mac & Cheese, tossed in a load of dishes while Rob took out the garbage and started laundry. As soon as the 2nd load is in the dryer its off to bed. Everything hurts. Along with my sinus and eyes. Tomorrow is a another day.

Meds: 2 ativan, 2 wellbutrin, 2 regular strength tylenol, 15 mg cipralex, 1  carbidopa/levodopa 25mg/100mg

Pain: 7

Stiffness: 7

Mood: 5-6

Anxiety: 8-9

Weather: clear but chilly


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