September 27th, 2011

What’s so special about 3am? It’s like clockwork! Had to get a second quilt, freezing to death definitely doesn’t help with trying to sleep.
Need to take my spasm meds earlier. Took them right before bed and had crazy spasms again. I really need to research on “restless leg syndrome”. My hands/wrists/fingers and all to way up to my mid bicep hurts, aches.
I’m going to try to get back to sleep.


Ok. it’s 8:30pm. Feels like 3am. I’m completely and utterly exhausted. My joints are stiff and sore. My eyeballs hurt. Woke up late, didn’t make myself late for work, but it threw off my entire routine. So I fell into the routine at work. I didn’t concentrate on anything except what needed to be done. Almost zombie like. I was so focused I didn’t even have to take a second dose of ativan. I was pretty much running the show by myself from about 2:30pm and onward. So it kept me really busy. Didn’t realize until after I was out of work and halfway to the Skytrain how completely beat I was. Got home, ate tasty but spicy slow cooker chili. They I vegetated on the couch for a bit and now I’m heading to bed. Everything hurts. Literally. And yet I’m strangely zen about the whole thing.

Meds: 2 wellbutrin, 1 ativan, 15mg Cipralex, 1 cyclobenzaprine, 1  carbidopa/levodopa 25mg/100mg

Supplements: 1 folic acid, 4ooo iU Vit D, 9mg melatonin

Pain: 7-8

Stiffness: 8-9

Mood: 6-7

Weather: partial cloud, sun, light-heavy rain, temps in the lower teens


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