September 26th, 2011

Let’s see, what’s happened since I last wrote.

Went to the doctor’s on Friday. Told him about the severe twitching/spasms when I go to sleep. It’s the weirdest thing. Barely happens during the day, but once I crawl into bed and try to sleep things go all crazy. So he put me on Levodopa/Carbid 100/25 APO, which strangely enough is a Parkinson’s Disease drug. It’s funny how even a year or two ago I would have refused all this medication. I guess it’s a testament to how awful I feel. Oh, DISCLAIMER…I’m rather cranky this morning. It’s raining, and cold. Well, cold in my universe anyways. But I seem terribly sensitive to temperature. The meds are working wonders. I can go to sleep now and not feel like I’m having a seizure, or have Rob wake me up cuz he thinks I’m Actually having a seizure.

What else…spent the rest of Friday hanging out with Mum and Parker. Rode the bus and the Skytrain. Parker REALLY REALLY like’s the “blue one’s!”, and the “macs!”, which are Mac Trucks(like the long haul trucking kind of ones). He talks up a storm now. Went for a drive out to the wilds of Delta to pick up my package from West Coast Seeds. Now that I know how far away it is, I’ll just have it sent to my house. Package included a good book on canning and preserving, Fall Rye to plant as a cover crop in the garden, Windsor Beans to plant in the spring, and this little seed thing to help me plant tiny seeds.

Saturday I gardened like crazy. Harvested a TON of stuff that I am still freezing/canning.

All this weather is making me extra stiff and sore.

Gotta go for now though, off to work (BLECH!).

Im to tired to update fully.

Meds: 1 ativan, 2 wellbutrin, 15mg Cipralex, 1 cyclobenzaprine, 1 of the new ones

Supplements: 4,000 iu Vit D, 1 folic acid, 3 Digestive Enzyme, 1 prenatal vit, 3 melatonin

Pain: 6 – 7

Stiffness: 8.5

Mood: 6

Weather: rain, cold, pressure 101.05kPa, wind warning


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