September 14th, 2011

So I’m on day 3 of my “no pain killer” experiment.

In an effort to up my chances of getting pregnant and because I was starting to take them out of habit, I’ve been severely restricting my meds. Still taking the anti-depresants of course. Day before yesterday, all I took was my anti-depressants. Did more stretching throughout the day and had a long hot bath when I got home. Or was it a long hot shower in the morning? I can’t remember. That day wasn’t too bad. Yesterday things started to ramp up a bit. Very stiff and achy in the morning. Stretching helped a bit. I was almost at work when my anxiety sky rocketed. Didn’t take any meds throughout the day. About halfway through my shift the inflammation in my right shoulder “bloomed”, which is my best way to explain it. Starts as a few twinges, then it sorta opens out in all directions from the joint. Muscle relaxants do not work for this. And since I’ve banned myself from taking noninflammatorys I’m kinda hooped. Got home, alternated between laying on the couch and trying to write. I got a paragraph done. Which is better than nothing. Took a T1 about an hour after I got home. Then a MR a bit before bet. The random twitches in my body were getting troublesome.

So. As for today. Whole body ache. The shoulders, hips, hands and wrists and middle of my back definitely more than achy. Did some stretching. Took some adivan right away since I already feel like crying. Here’s to hoping the day goes well.



Okay. I’m actually updating on time! Whoo!

Work was busy. My back was very sore and stiff by the time I was done. VERY tired. I think I’m more tired now that I’m taking less painkillers than I was taking them. Went out to West Vancouver with Rob. Wandered around the Asian market, “Osaka”. And now we’re home and I’m going to sleep.

Meds: 2 wellbutrin, 1 adivan, 15mg Cipralex, 1 cyclobenzaprine


Pain: 7-8

Stiffness: 8

Air Pressure: 101.74 kPa, pressure at 9:45pm: 101.37 kPa


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