September 10th, 2011

There’s a bite to the air this morning. That underlying chill of oncoming Autumn. It’s refreshing but demoralizing all at the same time. Took a long hot shower to loosen everything up. But I’ve been out for about half an hour now and my back is starting to lock up again. I am working with the hubby today for about 6 hours. Then I’m off to the good ole’ Wheelhouse Pub to see my brother for his birthday party. It will be the first time I’ve stepped into a pub since I entered recovery. Will keep the adivan close at hand. My Dad also said he would come pick me up and take me home whenever I needed to go. I don’t like the idea of going into a bar, but I miss my brother a lot, and I want to see him. My experiment with Celebrex yesterday was a lot more successful then I like to admit. Funny how it pisses me off when that drug works. I’m going to dose up again today and possibly tomorrow. Just a few days to bring the inflammation down to a somewhat manageable level. Off I go for now. Need to water my poor parched garden before I make the trek to West Van.

Meds: 1 Wellbutrin, 1 Celebrex, 1 Cyclobenzaprine

Pain:7 and climbing

Stiffness: 4

Mood: 6 and fluctuating


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