August 30th, 2011

I know summer has officially passed when the apples start to show up at the markets and my sudden and overwhelming need to can kicks in.
I can’t really say that I can feel it in my bones because the weather never really was good enough for me to notice much of a difference. My morning stiffness is pretty bad this morning. I do some heavily modified forward folds in the morning to loosen up. I sit on the edge of the bed with my feet resting on the frame and carefully bend forward between my knees, letting my head hang to help loosen everything. Yesterday I could go forward enough that I could just barely touch chest to thighs and could almost touch my chin to my chest. This morning I bent forward maybe half a foot, tipped my head a matter of inches.
I’m starting to feel every bone again, coloured with a dull throbbing ache. If not medicated this will turn into screaming burning pain. So I dosed up early this morning.
The stress over my sick kitty is not helping I’m sure. Errands after work consist of going to the in laws for dinner and to pick up the 10 lbs of pickling cucumbers she found for me. I also have local apples, peaches and nectarines that will find their way into jars.
My sleep is becoming heavily disrupted again. Waking up about once an hour, having major sweats, and can’t seem to find a comfy spot.
I wonder if I could be elible for disabilty/cpp yet.
Will update later.

Meds: 1 wellbutrin, 1 cyclobenzaprine, 1 naproxen, 1 lidocaine, 1 tiger balm


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