August 22nd, 2011

Well I’m alive that’s always a good sign. I don’t have anyone or anything to blame but myself really. I know better. I’ve spent the last year slowly turning away from all the guidelines I have for living with my digestive conditions. Yesterday by body decided to fight back finally.

I spent at least an hour straight in the bathroom, my insides feeling like the were slowly being ripped out. I haven’t felt pain like that since baking school. I was feeling sick to my stomach, had the sweats, almost cried. And thats what I get for eating whole grain pancakes and green grapes. That wasn’t the only thing of course, its been a slow build up to this.

So I’m feeling pretty rotten and worn out today. One of those days where I’d like to call in sick, but can’t. And I’m late for work to boot. That’s all for now.

Im on the way home from work. Kinda feel like Ive been hit by a truck. No extended bathroom visits so far. Theres lots of rumblings from the deep. Feeling exhausted. The “T zone” is starting to ache, right shoulder, headache, among the tender sides. Bloated up like a dead whale. Picked up 2L of “Oat Dream”, I love my almond milk but its pricey. And a L of chocolate Rice Dream. Hopefully it will be tasty. Im still in transit, trying to get home. Which is making my back hurt. I put down the one umbrella we have, a really nice $75 or so one from the golf course, and completely forgot about it. Which makes me feel like an ass. Oh the bus is moving! I might write more later.

Meds: 1 adivan, 2 wellbutrin, 1 cyclobenzaprine

,1 voltaren

Pain: 9

Mood: 4

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