July 3rd, 2011

So. It’s currently 4am. I woke up around 1:30am when my hubby left for work. It seems to be a combination of insomnia, pain, and nausea keeping me awake. I suppose it could be the pain levels in and of themselves keeping me up. From my mid back upwards is tight and tender. Throbbing and burning pain radiating out from my shoulder joints and my spine. Headache. I’ve run out of T1’s, so I slathered on the lidocaine and tiger balm, some on my temples to help with the headache. I’ve been holding off on the cyclobenzaprine, I can take 3 in a day, so about every 8 hours, I don’t like taking 3 in a day but it seems I have to. The topical pain killers aren’t cutting it. I took an extra strength Tylenol, which will help the headache slightly. I know from experience that it’s not even going to touch the back pain.
The pain levels have been like this for a few days now, sometimes a bit lower. I figure it’s got something to do with the fluctuating weather. Funny thing though is that I’m hungry, and I’ve  been snacking since I woke up. My wrists, hands, and forearms have been quite painful as well. A throbbing ache with random stabbing and shooting pain in the small joints of my hands, in my wrists, and shooting down the inside of my forearms. I’m  hoping when the muscle relaxants kick in that I will be able to sleep some more.
I’ve been working on switching over to my almost vegetarian diet. Been cooking batches and freezing in single serving containers. Am also working on lowering my dairy intake, bought plain and chocolate almond milk. Will be going out once the stores have opened to stock back up on veggies and fruit. Watching 1408 right now, great movie. Will update later.

Pain: 11

Meds: 1 x lidocaine, 1 x tigerbalm, 1 x extended release extra strength tylenol, 1 x cyclobenzaprine

It’s 8am, got a few more hours of sleep. Feel slightly better. Feel kind of flu like, but it’s not an actual sickness, just my bodies reaction to the fluctuating barometer. Going to have a shower and have some tea, hopefully that will help.

Pain: 9/10

Update 2.0

Made coffee not tea, it was tasty. Having intense pelvic pain today, as well as full back pain, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, wrists….everything? Went for a decent walk to the store. Decided NOT to buy T1’s, thinking I could deal without. I’m seriously regretting that now. maybe tomorrow will be better. And Rob’s birthday AND my new job is on Tuesday.


Pain: 10/11

Meds: 2 x cyclobenzaprine, 1 x extra strength tylenol



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