June 2nd,2011

You know what’s cool?I’m writing this entry on my phone.Yay for modern technology!

Today I’m not doing so hot. Had the usual morning stiffness and pain. Once I was out of bed and moving the stiffness eased quite a bit, but the chainsaw in my spine started ramping up along with my anxiety. Took a dose of muscle relaxants and a double dose of ant-anxiety meds.

I’m currently on the bus to see my counsellor,who I am seeing twice a month again.Completely forgot that I was supposed to be there yesterday,luckily my counsellor in an amazing lady. Nausea started kicking in before I left, by the time I had walked to the train I was having some serious issues keeping the amazing green tea I had for breakfast down.So we add gravol to the drug cocktail.

Being on all these meds concerns me, but the not taking them at thos point would have me curled up in the fetal position in a dark room.

Tata for now!

Med: 1 x gravol, 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1mg Adivan