June 28, 2011

Woke up stiff and creaky. Damn fluctuating barometre. I got up took my meds, brewed a cup of coffee then puttered around online for a bit. Had my PostSecret “date” with a good friend of mine. Usually first thing Sunday  morning we get up and that’s the first we do after brushing our teeth and such. We missed this last Sunday for reasons I can’t remember anymore. I then dug out my blog for random ramblings that I haven’t  written in for almost a year. Posted a great article(if I do say so myself) inspired by a great article on Feministing. Then I left for Surrey to go shopping for work clothes with my Mum and my nephew, Parker. Found some super nice stuff. All quite girly but still comfy and sturdy(as in, they won’t fall apart when I go for lunch break walks like I plan to). Had a ton of fun, Parker was hilarious and adorable. He actually said my name in front of me which was awesome. I’m madly in love with that child.

Got home after being out and moving for four hours, I went to the garden and picked the –second harvest of strawberries and did some weeding. Then came home, made Rob the last of the pulled pork I made yesterday. Then made this awesome veggie and lentil stew. Then I finally sat down. And now I’m super sore and feeling sick to my stomach. I forgot to take my second dose of wellbutrin again today, I’m sure that didn’t help. I’m off to dreamland now.

Pain: 6-9
Meds: 1 x wellbutrin, 2 x cyclobenzaprine, 2 x ativan, 1 x cipralex


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