June 20th, 2011

It’s 6:10am as I start writing this. Fell asleep on the couch and spent the night here. I’m actually writing this post while I’m wrapped up in my blanket
My back feels tender but ok. Mild headache. Hands/wrists/knuckles are very achey and paunful, having shooting pains from the inside of my wrists down to about my mid forearm. Right shoulder has the beginings of that awful burning pain. Have a sore throat again. I don’t start work until 10:30am. I’m considering going back to sleep for a couple hours, but sometimes that can be a bad idea. Will update later.

At work, just about to start. I feel like death. Back and the “t*(shoulders, neck, upper back) feels like a chainsaw is trying to escape. You know its bad when the muscle relaxants just take the edge off…barely. T-minus 4 hours to go.

Pain: 10
Meds: 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1 x wellbutrin, 1 x lidocaine


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