June 19th, 2011

It’s rainy and cloudy but not particularly cold, but it’s still wreaking havoc on my system. On the train to work, 7 more days.
Hands/wrists are very painful, back/neck/shoulder are ramping up now that I’m up and moving. Have taken a muscle relaxant even though I really dont like to take them at work, especially since I had to take an adivan already. But with how bad my back was yesterday I want to keep on top of things.
Have started a homeopathic cleanse/detox today as well. Hoping that will help me feel better. Will post the name of it when I get home. I didn’t realize it was alchohol based which I’m not pleased about, but the amount can’t even be measured and it’s diluted in a litre of water, still tastes like shit though. Have to head into work. Will update later.

Meds:1x adivan, 1 x wellbutrin, 1 x cyclobenzaprine

Update: 4:05pm
Feel awful at the moment. Sitting at Production Way waiting for the bus, which will hopefully be here soon. I’m completely exhausted, back aches, legs hurt, hands and wrists having random sharp pains. Just took a T1, hoping that will take care of it for now. I really don’t like taking three cyclobenzaprine in a day. We’ll see how it feels after dinner and a rest on the couch. Work was fine all things conaidered. Next two days are four hour shifts which is a bit easier to handle than the five hour ones. Feeling nauseated, but have learnt my lesson on taking gravol with any amount of cyclobenzaprine in my system. Throat is sore again, been like that for about a week now. The Aerius I took seemed to help a few days ago. Maybe I will take some tomorow and see how it goes. I’m off for now, may or may not update, depending on how I feel.

Pain: 10-11
Meds: 1 x T1, 1 x Wellbutrin


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