June 5th,2011

Its been beautiful the last couple of days,lowering my pain levels to a rarely seen 5.Well,yesterday anyways. I gardened for 2 hours yesterday,and while it was wonderul and relaxing, Im sure feeling it today, along with the usual body ache my hands and back have the throbbing type of pain. Sharp stabbing pains in my wrists and all the little joints in my fingers. Was VERY stiff when the hubby woke me up. The stiffness is easing but the pain in my back/neck/shoulders/hands is getting worse. Ive already taken muscle relaxant,which I think took care of the stiffness. Im going to take a Tylenol 1 w/ codeine and take a nap, then I plan on some light gardening and a jaunt up to the dollar store. Will update later.

Pain: 5 but rising at 11:58am

Meds: 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1 x Tylenol 1 w/ codeine, 1 x Wellbutrin


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