June 28, 2011

Woke up stiff and creaky. Damn fluctuating barometre. I got up took my meds, brewed a cup of coffee then puttered around online for a bit. Had my PostSecret “date” with a good friend of mine. Usually first thing Sunday  morning we get up and that’s the first we do after brushing our teeth and such. We missed this last Sunday for reasons I can’t remember anymore. I then dug out my blog for random ramblings that I haven’t  written in for almost a year. Posted a great article(if I do say so myself) inspired by a great article on Feministing. Then I left for Surrey to go shopping for work clothes with my Mum and my nephew, Parker. Found some super nice stuff. All quite girly but still comfy and sturdy(as in, they won’t fall apart when I go for lunch break walks like I plan to). Had a ton of fun, Parker was hilarious and adorable. He actually said my name in front of me which was awesome. I’m madly in love with that child.

Got home after being out and moving for four hours, I went to the garden and picked the –second harvest of strawberries and did some weeding. Then came home, made Rob the last of the pulled pork I made yesterday. Then made this awesome veggie and lentil stew. Then I finally sat down. And now I’m super sore and feeling sick to my stomach. I forgot to take my second dose of wellbutrin again today, I’m sure that didn’t help. I’m off to dreamland now.

Pain: 6-9
Meds: 1 x wellbutrin, 2 x cyclobenzaprine, 2 x ativan, 1 x cipralex

June 21st, 2011

Happy Solstice dear readers! It’s a beautiful day. Sunny and warm, less humid than the last few days. I’m feeling rather chipper today, a combination of minimal pain and the detox I’m doing I think. Just on my way to work(4 hours), will update later.

Pain: 5
Meds: 1 x wellbutrin

June 20th, 2011

It’s 6:10am as I start writing this. Fell asleep on the couch and spent the night here. I’m actually writing this post while I’m wrapped up in my blanket
My back feels tender but ok. Mild headache. Hands/wrists/knuckles are very achey and paunful, having shooting pains from the inside of my wrists down to about my mid forearm. Right shoulder has the beginings of that awful burning pain. Have a sore throat again. I don’t start work until 10:30am. I’m considering going back to sleep for a couple hours, but sometimes that can be a bad idea. Will update later.

At work, just about to start. I feel like death. Back and the “t*(shoulders, neck, upper back) feels like a chainsaw is trying to escape. You know its bad when the muscle relaxants just take the edge off…barely. T-minus 4 hours to go.

Pain: 10
Meds: 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1 x wellbutrin, 1 x lidocaine

June 19th, 2011

It’s rainy and cloudy but not particularly cold, but it’s still wreaking havoc on my system. On the train to work, 7 more days.
Hands/wrists are very painful, back/neck/shoulder are ramping up now that I’m up and moving. Have taken a muscle relaxant even though I really dont like to take them at work, especially since I had to take an adivan already. But with how bad my back was yesterday I want to keep on top of things.
Have started a homeopathic cleanse/detox today as well. Hoping that will help me feel better. Will post the name of it when I get home. I didn’t realize it was alchohol based which I’m not pleased about, but the amount can’t even be measured and it’s diluted in a litre of water, still tastes like shit though. Have to head into work. Will update later.

Meds:1x adivan, 1 x wellbutrin, 1 x cyclobenzaprine

Update: 4:05pm
Feel awful at the moment. Sitting at Production Way waiting for the bus, which will hopefully be here soon. I’m completely exhausted, back aches, legs hurt, hands and wrists having random sharp pains. Just took a T1, hoping that will take care of it for now. I really don’t like taking three cyclobenzaprine in a day. We’ll see how it feels after dinner and a rest on the couch. Work was fine all things conaidered. Next two days are four hour shifts which is a bit easier to handle than the five hour ones. Feeling nauseated, but have learnt my lesson on taking gravol with any amount of cyclobenzaprine in my system. Throat is sore again, been like that for about a week now. The Aerius I took seemed to help a few days ago. Maybe I will take some tomorow and see how it goes. I’m off for now, may or may not update, depending on how I feel.

Pain: 10-11
Meds: 1 x T1, 1 x Wellbutrin

June 18th, 2011


Well the weather isn’t cooperating, but I’m in good spirits regardless. It’s warm but rainy, good for the garden at least.
Went to the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market. I was going to go for a walk anyways, so I figured I’d be constructive while I was at it. The selection isn’t the best but what I did get is amazing as usual. Got soaked in the process and of course I didn’t bring my cart so between the weather and the weight of the veggies my back hates me. Considering taking another muscle relaxant, the T1’s aren’t touching it.
As of July 5th I start a new job as the admin/office/personal assistant at Citrus Catering. Finally decided to listen to my doctors and counsellor and get a sit down job.
I’ve also started tracking what I eat again but I’m tracking calories as well to make sure I’m eating enough.
I’m off to relax.

Pain: 9
Meds: 2 x cyclobenzaprine, 2 x wellbutrin, 2 x T1’s, 15mg cipralex

June 8th, 2011

Even thoughs is a beautiful day already,my left shoulder feels like its trying to seperate itself. Mmm…painkillers and muscle relaxants for breakfast. Just starting work, will update later.

So, finished work, on the train heading home. Nice and warm out. Im feeling achey and exjauated but not too bad overall. Going to try to stay awake for the game.

Pain: 8
Meds: 1xcyclobenzaprine, 1x tylenol 1 w/codeine, 1 x lidocaine

June 5th,2011

Its been beautiful the last couple of days,lowering my pain levels to a rarely seen 5.Well,yesterday anyways. I gardened for 2 hours yesterday,and while it was wonderul and relaxing, Im sure feeling it today, along with the usual body ache my hands and back have the throbbing type of pain. Sharp stabbing pains in my wrists and all the little joints in my fingers. Was VERY stiff when the hubby woke me up. The stiffness is easing but the pain in my back/neck/shoulders/hands is getting worse. Ive already taken muscle relaxant,which I think took care of the stiffness. Im going to take a Tylenol 1 w/ codeine and take a nap, then I plan on some light gardening and a jaunt up to the dollar store. Will update later.

Pain: 5 but rising at 11:58am

Meds: 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1 x Tylenol 1 w/ codeine, 1 x Wellbutrin

June 2nd,2011

You know what’s cool?I’m writing this entry on my phone.Yay for modern technology!

Today I’m not doing so hot. Had the usual morning stiffness and pain. Once I was out of bed and moving the stiffness eased quite a bit, but the chainsaw in my spine started ramping up along with my anxiety. Took a dose of muscle relaxants and a double dose of ant-anxiety meds.

I’m currently on the bus to see my counsellor,who I am seeing twice a month again.Completely forgot that I was supposed to be there yesterday,luckily my counsellor in an amazing lady. Nausea started kicking in before I left, by the time I had walked to the train I was having some serious issues keeping the amazing green tea I had for breakfast down.So we add gravol to the drug cocktail.

Being on all these meds concerns me, but the not taking them at thos point would have me curled up in the fetal position in a dark room.

Tata for now!

Med: 1 x gravol, 1 x cyclobenzaprine, 1mg Adivan