March 7th, 2011

So. It’s sunny again!

Been feeling well the last few days. Minor stiffness. Minor pain. Been taking anti-inflammatories more for the tooth then anything else. But then I woke up this morning and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’m guessing the clear skies may have something to do with it. My hands are very sore. My back is killing me. My head hurts. It sucks. And I have to go to work tonight. ICK!

Good news is I now have 3 plots in the community garden.

My brain seems to be pretty much done in already. So I’m going to update later if I can find the brain cells.

Pain: 8-9

Meds: 1 x Super Motrin, 1 x Tylenol Arthritis, 1 x Gravol

Mood: 6


2 thoughts on “March 7th, 2011

  1. I hate that you’re feeling bad, that’s no fun at all. BUT the garden is AWESOME and that also means it’ll warm up soon!

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