February 23rd, 2011

Well. As everyone may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent. This cold weather is kicking my ass. Started taking Celebrex again a few days ago. Called in sick to work today. Just gonna be a vegetable today. OH!! And I bought Centurion on DVD(among others), so movies are on the list for this afternoon. As well as some chat and some cuddles and some sleep.

Pain: 9

Mood: 6

Meds: 2 x Tylenol Arthritis, 1 x Celebrex


2 thoughts on “February 23rd, 2011

  1. I feel strangely well about it though. It seems the inner battle that I have with myself about just ADMITTING I’m in that much pain, is easing. And it somehow makes the pain easier to bear. I’ve realized I have “small girl” syndrome, *giggles*, always out to prove something…and most often to myself.

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