February 18th, 2011

I’m starting to seriously consider sleeping pills. I take 2 Tylenol Arthritis before I go to bed, it’s supposed to last about 8 hours. SO I keep waking up at 4am all sore and painful. The Muscle Relaxants/Tylenol works better, but it only lasts 4 hours, so Im waking up every four that way. Sucks. Makes me tired ad cranky. Have some cleaning and organization slated for today. Got a wee bit of it done and now I’m sitting down again. If Mum and Auntie Kelly don’t make it over I think I’m just gonna put it off until they can come another day. Maybe I’ll so more crochet. Feeling pretty nasty today though. All this yo-yo weather is killing me.

Pain: 8-9

Mood: 6-7

Meds: 1 x Gravol, 4 x Muscle Relaxant/Tylenol


One thought on “February 18th, 2011

  1. can you configure the times you take tylenol so that you’re taking one right before bed?

    the new sleeping pills aren’t like the scary old ones – they’re not addictive (unless you like to sleep, lol). I get generic ‘life’ brand ‘sleep-aid’. it’s the same as sleep-eze andstuff. Nothing worse than having all this and not getting to sleep either

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