February 13th, 2011

See look at that. I stop worrying about writing every day and all of a sudden I’m writing everyday. Stupid stubborn brain. This warmer weather is doing WONDERS for me. Still sore, still stiff, but not to the debilitating degree that it was before. Work 8 ours today and don’t feel half bad. Family is on the way with a NEW MATTRESS! YES! I’m sure that will help both my honey and I GREATLY. Now we just need new pillows. Still feeling a little out of sorts. It’s like anxiety but not scary. I’m just kinda of..excited?? For what I have no idea. But it’s this strange lingering sense of..jumpiness? I could possibly be losing my mind, what with my sudden love for Lady Gaga, Pink, and Kesha. DEFINITELY something wrong with me. *giggles*. Maybe I’m just getting old and boring? Who knows. Have a shameless self promotion day coming up thanks to my friendly neighbourhood photographer. So that has me all excited too. I’m in desperate need of a BETA reader to help me edit stories. So if anyone wants to read some smut just let me know!


Pain: 5 (WOW!)

Mood: 8 (WOW!)

Meds: 2 x Tylenol Arthritis, 1 x Super Motrin


Diet: ham and cheese roll, water, GRANDE Caramel Macchiato(I’m not even sure what it was…fancy coffee that tasted good!)


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