January 30th, 2011

Went to bed early and slept in until 830am! WHOO! Feeling pretty chipper today. Minimal amounts of pain and stiffness so far. THE SUN IS OUT!! I do have a mild headache. But all things considered its a pretty good day so far. Just have to work tonight then I have 2 days off, get to see a dear friend tomorrow, AND go for a wander down Commercial Drive! YES! The house is nice and tidy. This also makes me happy. Got started on the baby bonnet for the dear departed Nathaniel. So that also makes me happy. Colon/bowels seem rather angry today, hemorrhoids reared their ugly heads(that’s funny but gross). ICK! Guess that’s what I get for eating burritos and tomato sauce. Anyways. Will update later!


So work went well. The youngster I closed with is VERY productive and did most of the work for me. Some level 7 pain in my right shoulder now that work is all done with, hands/wrists/back also sore but sitting at a decent 7. Bought myself some fancy hand lotion from the neat little natural cosmetics store next door. Also bought a whole bunch of veggies and fruit for myself(and Rob I suppose, hehe!). I’m addicted to these little clementines. SO tasty. Almost made it through the day without eating any gluten but I was STARVING after work so Subway was had for dinner. At least I had it on flatbread…which I think is technically less bread than the regular loaves. I’m looking forward to my jaunt to see my friend tomorrow and more sunshine(hopefully! *crosses fingers*). Had a nagging headache ALL day that has tapered off ever so slightly now that I had my sandwich. General nausea as well, which gets worse of I lift something I shouldn’t or hunch my shoulders or sit too long at the computer(like right now). I’m starting to think it’s my bodies newest way of telling me to relax. The little joints in my fingers were sore and tender today. Well that seems the normal now. If I BARELY bump my hands or shoulders(or ANYTHING for that matter) against something I get this awful wave of nausea and RAGING pain. SO needless to say I’m avoiding running into things. Anyways, I’m sleepy, so I’m off to bed now.

Pain: 6-7

Mood: 7

Meds: 2 x Tylenol Arthritis(for headache), 15mg Cipralex, 2 x Apo Hydroxyquine

Supplements: all but my Tumeric

Diet: Tazo Earl grey tea with milk and honey, water(lots!), 2 GF Rice Bran Raisin muffins, rice with burrito beef and a wee bit of cheddar cheese, 1 gala apple, 6 small clementines, 1 small tangerine, foot long chicken and bacon ranch Subway sandwich with lettuce/cucumbers/pickles, small handful ketchup chips (almost got through the day with no gluten!)


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