January 11th, 2011

Oooo! It’s 01/11/11 today! NEATO! Hehe!

So pain is sitting at an even 7, more stiff than usual but thats not so bad. My right shoulder though is a screaming 9. Stupid shoulder. Stupid snow weather. If it’s going to be cold like this it can AT LEAST SNOW like the weather man keeps saying. Makes the higher pain levels worth it in some sort of screwed up way. Mood is sitting at a nice 7…heading towards an 8. I may be in pain, but at least I’m happy right? *smirks* Had a lovely visit with friends last night. Getting the training for a new career on the go. Have a Naturopath appointment tomorrow that I was going to cancel because money is pretty tight. Then I changed my mind. Why should I cancel appointments that are going to make me feel better just cuz the bank account is running a bit low? That’s just stupid. I’ll get money back from the benefits. Hopefully anyways. I’m still not sure if it’s actually covered or not. But I really don’t care at this point. And since I’m not doing so well with the stuff I shouldn’t be eating, I’m taking a different approach. I’ve decided to try ADDING the things to my diet that I need, like more vegetables and fruit and whole grains, and once I get into the habit of eating these things, I will then try REMOVING the more harmful foods. That is all for now.



Meds: 1 x Celebrex, 4 x Tylenol Arthritis, NO GRAVOL!!(so far)

Supplements: a few

Diet:black tea w/milk and honey


One thought on “January 11th, 2011

  1. If our moods are good, it does wonders for the rest of us 🙂

    I agree with you – go to the doctor. The money will show up somewhere or you might just have to be tight. You have a serious medical condition and not going to the doctor isn’t an option. *thanks all the stars that you’re not an American!*

    Glad you’re eating! If you eat more, then, as odd as it sounds, you eat less of what you shouldn’t. On my diet, I can eat all the fruit I want without even counting it. Everything else I have to account for. So eating fruit is easy 🙂

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