January 9th, 2011

We are starting the day at an 8. JOY. Pain is already pretty intense across my shoulders and spine. Rest of my body aches. Have that annoying flu feeling again. Yay for inflammation. Not in the best mood. Have to work an 8 hour shift after pulling an almost 9 hour shift yesterday. My twin cousins are having their birthday dinner tonight. I don’t think I’m going to make it. We will see though.


Work is over. Pain has ramped up to a nine. Figures the paleness and shakes and such are from pushing myself too hard. Will have to have a serious conversation with the hubby about my hours. This is NOT working. I have three days off now, so hopefully that will help calm things down. Been looking at what I’ve been eating, that’s not helping either. Really need to get my butt in gear and eat better. Not much else to say. Usual spots hurt, shoulders/spine/arms/elbows/etc. The wrist braces are helping alot with the wrist pain. My hips/knees/feet/legs are also quite sore today. I’m going to curl up with a comfy blanket and probably have a nap.

Pain: 8-9

Meds: 2 x Celebrex, 4 x Tylenol Arthritis, 2 x Gravol, 2 x Apo Hydroxyquine, 15mg Cipralex


Diet:Hazelnut latte, cinnamon scone, dark rye bread, vanilla roiboos latte



One thought on “January 9th, 2011

  1. I gotta get angry at this point. Why the fuck does he have you working that long? What the fuck is wrong with him that he can look at you in that much pain and say, hey! why not work longer?
    What kind of fucking man does that?
    You deserve a hell of a lot better treatment than this.
    (fierce squish)

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